Earth Angels



Spirit brought me some gifts while spring cleaning.
I am re-reading, Linda Heron Wind’s book, “Spiraling into the center”.
Perfect timing to be re-reading this book.
Heron has been a wonderful guide for me and our meeting was inspired

I met Heron first by searching a phrase that came to me, which led me to her book, “Grandmother’s of the Wind”. I was delighted after this to see Heron in a meditation that I used in her book.

All things came together when I realised she held spiritual events in my area.

Through a period of deep meditation and isolation in the beginning of 2000, an opportunity was given to me to work at a learning center called, Rochester Info-Courses.

This learning center was the creation of a brilliant and alternative thinker, Don Woodruff. I knew that he would respect my request for really unique and gifted teachers. I recommeded Linda Heron as a teacher and soon she stood before me in the flesh! I have been blessed to have met a teacher with whom my soul resonates!

Her non-profit is For anyone who wants to explore themselves and our world from the inside out, Heron is a wonderful guide. Thank you Heron.

SYNCHRONISITY – (Did you notice the artwork behind Heron) 😀



I met Annette at a workshop Linda Heron Wind was teaching. I asked a question and Heron directed me to Annette and referred to her as ‘The Medium’. I never heard the term before. Annette asked me who I was, I told her that I was ‘nobody’

and she told me :
You are a Medium too. You just need to practice.

So I asked, “Isn’t everyone psychic or ‘a medium’?”

She replied,
“Everyone can play basketball, but not everyone is Michael Jordan.”

Some are born with more skill and practice for perfection. Practice and Meditate!

I was honored to be part of the most incredible meditation and healing circles she held at her home during her final years. I have vowed to continue this practice when the time is right. The lightworkers gathered were powerful and of pure spirit, with the energy created we used to joke that the roof might pop off and we would all float above her house
…….. I love you, Annette ♥



Gabrielle provided the pathway for my self-awareness journey. I remember her home nestled in the woods and our search for fairies and devas on her trails. In her home, she had large crystals in every room, everything in her home had a sacred purpose. The Universal Laws and Principles, and all other mysteries of our Universe(s) were up for discussion. In this small group, I believe I was especially moved to continue my journey after our time together ended. I would say Gabrielle lit the spark for me. When I wrote my book, Spirit Stories, I dedicated it to her and Spirit reunited us in just in time for her to get to read prior to returning into Spirit herself. I am so honored to have been led to this amazingly powerful and loving woman.



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